부산여행 disrespect.3일차 기본 카테고리


With only a small sound, the eyes were swollen with endless overflowing tears, and the mascara under the eyes spread to the side below the face, with black lines spreading to the side below the face, and there was no expression of arrogance and disrespect.

After a while the third man approached the woman again.

 "Stop it! Stop! Please!"

Despite the woman's imploring appeal, the man covet her body without hesitation.
When the man bit the woman's ample breast, she sucked it hard, and her tearful face was distorted with pain.

As the fourth and fifth went on, the woman's face became blank, and she put her head to her side and began to shed tears.
At that time, the men who were holding onto them were replaced by new big men, and four people pressed hard on the woman's shoulders and began to tear her legs apart.삼성화재실비보험 보험비교사이트
And a little man with an ugly face came through the wide open crotch of a woman.

 "Oh, my God! You're pretty, you're covered in blood. Can I touch your flesh?"

A man's finger went into the vagina of a woman.
Two, three, four...
The woman's face, which was blankly facing to the side and shedding tears, distorted, then raised her head and screamed.

 "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't do it! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!"

 "Kill, kill, kill, kill! It's cooked to a good taste! Do you want me to change it to something?"

 "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Stop! Aaaaaaaaaaaah!

The ugly pervert smiled contentedly and said, putting her hands covered with blood and women's in her mouth.

 "Lick it! before tearing it apart!"

The woman's tongue came out of her mouth and licked the man's hand.

 "Kiss me! Use your tongue to make it strong!"현대해상 실비보험 보험비교사이트

When the men he was holding let go of the woman, the pervert grabbed her by the back of his head and took it to his mouth.
A frightened-looking woman opened her mouth and kissed an ugly man, who would probably have ignored her with pride if she had been outside.
After a while, the perverted man took the woman off the table as if he had dropped her mouth off the table.

 "Kneel down!"


The man put it in the woman's mouth, and the woman obeyed and began to suck with a crackling sound.
The men released the woman's handcuffs, but the woman could not even dare to rebel.

 "Hold me tight and kiss me!"

A moment later, when the perverted man laid the woman down and ordered her to do so, the woman began to be held in tears and kissed the man in her mouth, as if she were making love between the lovers.농협실비보험 보험비교사이트
A girl named Jisun was also being beaten by another man, naked from the next table.

 "No! No!"

A man who often begged in a crying voice, but he could have known that his eyes were not frightened at all.


When the girl looked to her side at the painful screams from the side, the woman was finally flaking off her wedding dress and her fast skirt, with the exception of her white stockings, lying in a supine position on the table, showing her large, sensual hips appetizingly.
A man, bound with both legs wide open on both sides of the table with an ankle cuffs, was pushing his own from behind against between the woman's dainty buttocks.
The woman's face, covered with tears, was distorted with pain.
The girl looked at her tearful expression of sympathy and turned her head to the other side as if she could not see it.
A cute smile spread thinly around the lady's mouth.실손보험이란 보험비교사이트

 "Now that we've opened up, we're going to try the eight-column assembly!"

The men giggled at the leader's mischievous voice, violently pulling down the woman tied to the table in a prone position, squatting on the floor, and a man held her in his arms, deeply inserted, and lay back holding her.
Another man giggled and began to take it to a woman's butt and push it in.

 "Ahhhhh! No! No! Stop! G-ma-a-an!"

Despite the woman's cries, the men had no intention of stopping.
Two men came up from both sides and took the woman's hands to their own and began to move.
Two more people began to suck the woman's ample breasts from both sides, holding the top in their mouths.

 "Kill, kill, kill, kill! What a sucker!"암보험비갱신형 보험비교사이트

With one man's obscene words heard, the leader stopped the other man from standing up and approaching her from the front.

 "Let's take a commemorative photograph first so that you can see your face!"

Then he pointed the camera at the woman and said,

 "Come on! Smile with kimchi! Here's a group photo of the new bride!"

The woman, who was being treated by six men at the same time, looked at the camera and cried out in horror.

 "No! No, no, no, no, no, no!"우체국 암보험 보험비교사이트

After a while, the seventh man, who was full of "pulled," closed the woman's mouth with his own, completing the "eight-tiered assembly."
The leader was giggling and pressing down on the camera shutter.

After another couple of hours, the men all gathered two or three times and sat around, leaving both the woman and the girl named Jisun in the middle of the spacious room.
The lady is crying with a pitiful expression, white between her legs... between her legs. She was pretending to be, but with her eyes wide open, the woman was lying on the floor as if she had fainted.
The face, a pretty face with an arrogant and fierce impression, was swollen and her eyes were so swollen that they cried because men forced aural and slapped her without mercy.
The men didn't have the energy to spit something in their mouths, or whether it was coming up from their stomachs, and little by little came through their burst lips.
The rich, sensual breasts, which were a woman's great pride, were full of male tooth marks, and the swollen faucet seemed to be very bitter at first glance.
In fact, tooth marks were not only on the chest, but also all over the body, including the face, neck, arms, legs, belly, thighs and voluminous hips.
The white stockings, which were worn up to his thighs, were stripped off and disappeared, and the rest of them were torn apart, leaving only under his ankle, but he was showing no strength to cover his naked body.유병자 암보험 보험비교사이트
The was heavily red around and with a slight open air, the white and often bloodstains still mingled with each breath.
A white stem was flowing from the inside of a large buttock full of bruises and tooth marks as if it had been badly hit by men, and the bottom was also covered with blood.
Physical pain was severe, but a series of mental shocks seemed to be very big, with the wedding dress torn brutally, lost its virginity, and polished, and the "eight-tiered body" being photographed.

 "Is that little bitch sleeping? Wake her up!"

When the leader gave the order in a soft voice, the men poured water into the bagues and poured it on the woman without mercy.


The woman, who seemed to have returned to her senses screaming, shivered and begged.

 "Save me! Help me! Help me!"신한생명 암보험 보험비교사이트

 "Let's have a little fun. Cover your eyes and tie your legs apart!"

At the leader's command, men moved the heavy table after both women tightly covered their eyes with thick black blindfolds, and only the "so" woman handcuffed her back and tied her legs wide open between the two tables.
Men gave strength to spread their legs without mercy, but unlike Sujin, the legs did not spread out in a straight line.
Of course, after the eyes of the "so" were covered, the blindfold of the girl was immediately released.
The leader's soft but cruel order was issued.

 "Take that little bitch to another room!"

 "Come on! From now on, give me two years' worth of trouble! I don't care if you kill me!"

 "No! Please save my life!"

 "Save me! Help me! Help me!"

The cries of two women's pleas echoed through the spacious room.
But while the "cattle" was crying with her eyes covered and her legs wide open, the lady was still naked, but her eyes, as well as her hands and feet, were smiling cutely, making only the sound of her crying.암보험비교사이트 보험비교사이트
Of course I wasn't even taken to another room.
After a while, a little short, but remarkably beautiful naked lady approached the helplessly bound "cattle," naked and blindfolded, with a long hair.

Then he sat down in front of the woman and massaged her big chest with both hands, as if he were weighing her first.
Then the little cute little mouth bit the woman's right tip, and the woman's nagging screams rang out.

 "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!현대해상암보험 보험비교사이트

He must have been biting and pulling with his teeth at the already swollen faucet as if chewing meat.
At the same time, she began to squeeze the woman's other breast violently, as if she were about to burst her small white hand.
The leader, who was giggling and watching it, ordered a man, and the man brought the woman a pen.
Lady took off her mouth, which had been biting the knob for a moment, and accepted the pincer as she thanked her with a cute smile.

 "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Save me! Argh!"

As if experimenting with how much the tap stretches, he stretched it by squeezing and pulling the two verbs alternately with a pen.
And as she twisted around the two breasts, which were as plentiful as a pancake, as if they were crushing, she turned red at first as soon as she put it on her side, and soon black and brown bruises began to cover both breasts.
Then, the girl's gaze seemed to be directed between the woman's open crotch, and her wide smile spread across her beautiful face.

 "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Help! Help! Help!

You want to stay, you miss, and you want to keep your old friendship the best, so let's talk. That part might be difficult, but I think it would be good to talk about it slowly. If you were this age, you'd say, "Hey, let's have a drink of soju! And it would be nice to talk about it after a bottle or two." Talk over a drink. And... If you don't want to do that and don't like everything, go on a trip and look at the sky and see far away. Don't think it's hard. A place with water or a mountain nearby. That's a long way to go. Oh, I'm sure you can. If I'm really worried and worried, I'll go and see... I'll do it. I would really appreciate it if you could look at what I wrote and write...

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