부산여행 same time.3일차 기본 카테고리


Perhaps the story about her sister was shocking, Ju-young made Su-jin wear her clothes and thought quietly with her index finger in her mouth like a habit.
It was hard to believe that her sister, who has always been quiet, calm and exemplary student since she was young, was a pervert who enjoyed a group with 10 men at the same time.

 'No, you can't do that.'농협암보험

Ju-young shook his head once again.

After confirming that Mi-young was completely asleep that night, Joo-young, who was pretending to sleep next to her, opened her eyes.
And... ...carefully put your hand between Mi-young's pajamas and into the bra.

 'There's... on the top!!! You're wearing earrings like that pervert! Oh, my God!'

The shocking fact kept Ju-young awake all night.

The next day was Saturday.농협암보험
I thought I was spending a long time relaxing and cooking for my younger brother, who is six years younger than me, but the call came in at around 5 p.m.!
Mi-young said in a quiet tone.

 "I'm sorry... ...but I have an appointment today. Can you do it another day?"

 "Don't talk nonsense and come out! Do you want to die?"

She sighed at the leader who spoke softly but hung up coldly, Mi-young said to Joo-young.

 "Joo-young! My sister has an appointment with Soo-jin today. I'll be back tomorrow, so take a rest at home."

 "Hmm... where are you going?"

 "Uh. It's an all-night girls party."

Mi-young forced herself to laugh and lied in agony.
However, I didn't think Joo-young would have misunderstood that she was going to another pervert meeting.

After a while, Mi-young and Su-jin, who left Joo-young in the house, got into the men's cars.
And as soon as the car disappeared, the gate was opened, and Ju-young put out his head and came out of the gate.

 "As expected, there were several men in the car! Oh, my God! You're really!!"

Then another luxury car approached and the tinted window in the back seat went down.
Inside, there was a sleek-looking man and a pretty woman like Miss Korea in a suit.

 "Who's the girl?"

The man asked in a soft voice.농협암보험

 "It's Shin Joo-young. Who are you?"

 "Yes, it's Mi-young's brother! I'm your friend! I'm on my way to a very fun party tonight!"

Then I looked through Ju-young for a moment and continued.

 "I wish I could take you with me, but... ...you look too young."

Joo-young, who easily fell for the provocation, shouted angrily.

 "I'm 19 years old, too! I'm not young! Is Miyoung there too?"

 "Of course. If you want to go, get in the front seat. You'll be very happy to see me."

Joo-young rode in the front seat with a slight throbbing heart.

 What would my sister say to me if it was really a group pervert party? You're probably too embarrassed to look up.'

Joo-young was lost in thought and when she heard that she was Mi-young's brother, she could not even wink at the pretty woman next to the man to stop her.

 "So what happened after that?"

When the man asked in a soft voice, the pretty woman sitting next to him clung close to him and whispered with a small smile.
I couldn't hear it well, but I thought, ".... Parents' overseas trip I put her to bed at my house for a few days. I'm crying and asking you to keep it a secret... ...a week's vacation... ...and I'm completely discouraged, and I'm very obedient... " A slip of the tongue came from my back.

 'Hmmm... you're talking about pervert.'

Ju-young guessed it as she wanted again.

 "Hmm... She looks a little shorter but she's prettier than Miss Korea. Is she a pervert who is so pretty with men?" Then you must be wearing earrings on the top! What a pretty dress you're wearing!"한화암보험

Joo-young peeped at Jisun through an indoor mirror, but did not notice that Jisun kept looking at her with sad eyes.
After a while, the car entered a big house and when the driver and the people in the back got off, Juyeong followed suit.

 "This is the party!"

When the man opened the door, speaking in a soft voice, Ju-young took the lead in the basement without hesitation.
And when I opened the door again...
I saw my sister.
Just in case, the older sister, who has always been neat, tidy and exemplary since she was a child, was surprisingly enjoying a perverted personality at the same time as the two men in a dog-like prone posture, not to be believed to have always been neat, tidy and exemplary.
The sensuous large hips and waist were swaying as the man moved behind him.
On the ample bosom swaying with movement, the earrings that I checked last night by secretly touching them were on both ends.
He had just been sucking it up, as if he were sucking a bowl of it, with his mouth full of other standing men standing dirty.

A tall pervert was enjoying a little bit under a small man'since she was surrounded by a little man, she was enjoying herself.

Joo-young approached Mi-young with a playful expression and talked to her.

 "Sister? Are you having fun?"

Then Mi-young was startled as if she had been struck by lightning, and she spat it out of the man's mouth and jumped up.
His face was filled with astonishment and horror.

 "You!!! How did you get here?"한화암보험

 "Hey! I followed you! Why do you look so scary?"

 "This is not where you come from! Now! Get back home quickly! Come on!"

Then the leader said in a soft voice.

 "I'm here, so I'm going to have fun with my sister! Where are you going?"

Mi-young kneeled down and cried, begging with both hands clenched.

 "No! Please let her go! I'll do anything for you!"

 "Huh? Sister! What's wrong with you?"

A little frightened Ju-young tried to move her steps toward the basement door, but before she knew it, a man came up and grabbed her arms tightly behind her.

 "Ouch! What's wrong with you! Let go!"

Mi-young cried out crying.한화암보험

 "No! Please let her go! Sujin! Help!"

Then Su-jin, who was in the midst of a perverted man, got up, pushing the man away.
The perverted man grabbed Sujin by the wrist.

 "What's wrong with you, a lesbion? Do you want to tear somebody apart again?"

Su-jin's face changed into a frightened look and answered.

 "No, Master!"

Mi-young rushed to the man who was holding Ju-young, but two other men caught Mi-young tightly.
Mi-young cried, looked back at Su-jin and shouted.

 "Let Ju-young run away! Sujin! Please!"

Two tears of Mi-young's tears ran down her cheeks and fell on the floor.
The next moment...


A loud sound, as if a drum were blowing, echoed in the basement room.
Su-jin's right arm stretched out with a clenched fist.신한생명암보험
And it was only after the shrieking and rolling away that it was a pervert man who was holding Sujin's right wrist, that everyone could know.
As expected, the perverted man was not even a fist to Soo-jin.

 As Su-jin took a step forward, the men's liver, who still remember Su-jin's terrifying fighting power with their bodies, were all in a row.
But the leader knew too well about Su-jin's weaknesses.

 "Hold that bitch tight!"

The woman the leader pointed her finger at... was Mi-young, not Su-jin!
Two more men clung to Mi-young, who is already being held by two men, and held her firmly back and forth.
The leader's soft voice followed.

 "Dumb little lesbians! What the hell are you doing again? Is it okay if Mi-young gets hurt?"

 "I'm fine! Soo-jin! Please let Joo-young run away!"

Mi-young cried and shouted.
Su-jin looked alternately at Mi-young and Joo-young, as if she didn't know what to do.
When the leader winked, one of the men holding Mi-young grabbed her naked chest from behind and twisted it.


Su-jin, who flinched after hearing Mi-young's scream, slowly bowed her head, avoiding Mi-young's gaze.

 "...I'm sorry, Mi-young! ..... ...to me... Someone who's more precious than you... There's no one!"

When the leader beckoned again, still slightly cautious, a man approached Soo-jin's arm and handcuffed her.
Then, after handcuffing her, she kicked Su-jin's back knee without mercy and made Su-jin kneel down.

 "Oh... no! No!!"

Mi-young cried and cried.


A girl named Jisun, who burst into a frightened cry, covered her face and sat on the floor like a child.

 "Mi-young, get on your knees with her back cuffs!"

When the leader's instructions were given, the men handcuffed Mi-young's arm and knelt next to Su-jin.

 "I'll punish you after you eat the spirit!"

 "No! Please! She's still a kid!"홈쇼핑암보험

Defying Mi-young's tearful appeal, the leader approached Joo-young.

 "Oh, what happened, sister? Didn't you come here because you liked it?"

When Joo-young spoke with a scared look on her face, Mi-young cried out in tears.

 "You idiot! Can't be? They're being threatened and forced!"

Joo-young then shouted to the men with a bold face, though she still looked frightened.

 "I'm calling the police, men!"

 "Police... ...that's scary."동양생명 암보험


Joo-young screamed when the leader touched Joo-young's chest over her clothes.

 "You look a little like her because she's a sister. I think I'm a little shorter than Miyoung and a little smaller in chest. Let's compare the bottom."


Screaming and as Joo-young struggled, the men dragged Joo-young to the table, forced him to lie down and pressed his arms and legs down in a sign from the leader.
When the leader beckoned again, Mi-young, who had been on her knees, was also taken to the table next to Joo-young with her handcuffs on her back.

 "I'll take off my sisters side by side and compare them! Kiki kick!"

The leader giggled as if he was having fun.

 "No! Please let Ju-young go!"동양생명 암보험

Even though Mi-young knew it was useless, she cried while lying naked.

You want to stay, you miss, and you want to keep your old friendship the best, so let's talk. That part might be difficult, but I think it would be good to talk about it slowly. If you were this age, you'd say, "Hey, let's have a drink of soju! And it would be nice to talk about it after a bottle or two." Talk over a drink. And... If you don't want to do that and don't like everything, go on a trip and look at the sky and see far away. Don't think it's hard. A place with water or a mountain nearby. That's a long way to go. Oh, I'm sure you can. If I'm really worried and worried, I'll go and see... I'll do it. I would really appreciate it if you could look at what I wrote and write...

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