부산여행 Ppaguri!"3일차 기본 카테고리


Hong Joo-mi, who also had a knife against her face and was handcuffed in the back, trembled at Mi-young.
He seemed to think of the men as bandits.
Joo-young and Soo-jin were also sitting on the floor with handcuffs on their backs.

"Up! Up!"
When the leader signaled, the men put a patch on all the women's mouths and filled their eyes with eye patches.
While a couple of people were watching to see if anyone was passing outside the gate, they picked up the women and took them to the cars that had moved in front of the gate.

How did this happen? How did you get into the house?'

She was sitting in the back seat of the car and shivering, thinking Mi-young.
The man who was holding it by the side - the leader opened his mouth in a soft voice.

"I feel like I want to surprise you today!
That's why I opened the door with the key of your house that I copied without calling in advance!
Then I got another unexpected toy! Kill, kill, kill!"

Miyoung cried out in tears in despair.

No! No!

"Kill, kill! Stay still! Is our cute spirit ripened a lot by taking two weeks' rest?"

I couldn't tell because my eyes were covered, but the woman next to me seemed to be Joo-young.
"Chuck!" heard the zipper go down and "Woo! Woo!" came a groan of anguish from the side.

"Kill, kill! Not even two fingers go in! Where is this...?

My hands poked into my pants and underwear, and my two fingers squeezed in my sensitive skin and pushed in!


Mi-young groaned, wriggling in pain of digging into the barrenness that was completely unprepared.



The leader, who sat between the sisters in the back seat with his mouth blocked with pain in his mouth, kept poking Mi-young and Joo-young's fingers and molesting them as if they were playing electronic games.
Thirty minutes later, the leader's hand slipped out of his pants and the eye patch was loosened from Mi-young's eyes.
Before I knew it, there was a car in the spacious yard of the house that had always been dragged.
As the leader giggled, she took off Mi-young and Joo-young's shorts and panties altogether, making her lower body naked.
"Come on! Let's go in! Let's have fun!"

Hong Joo-mi, who also had her eye patch removed, looked terrified when she saw her lower body, which became naked of her sister's naked body.
Hong Joo-mi and Su-jin, who were taken to another car, seemed to have not had much trouble in the car.

After coming down the basement stairs, all four women were seated with their legs spread out in ankle cuffs in armrested chairs with handcuffs on their wrists behind their backs.
The sisters, Mi-young and Joo-young, were showing their legs with naked legs, while Hong Joo-mi and Su-jin were still dressed.
Soon after, a girl named Jisun also came down the stairs with other men and looked surprised when she saw Mi-young, Joo-young and Hong Ju-mi.
Lady was not handcuffed or blindfolded at all and wore a skirt suit mixed with navy and white.

"Oh my! New guests!"

'New guests?'

With Mi-young wondering, the lady kept opening her mouth, looking at Mi-young and others as if she had never seen them before.

"Oh, my! What's this full ugly lady? Let's send him away and have some fun among ourselves, brother!"

When the lady saw Hong Ju-mi, she leaned over the leader and said dully.
But the leader giggled.
"It would be fun to eat pregnant women, so you should have some fun!"

"But you're such an ugly lady!"

said the lady with a cute smile as she chipped the patch off Hong Ju-mi's mouth.

"Oh! Hm! How beautiful you are... ...and send it back!"

Mi-young sighed inwardly at Hong Ju-mi's words.
A woman named Ji-sun is trying her best to return Hong Joo-mi, a pregnant woman, but not only was she not very humane, but she was also a stone's head!


Hong Joo-mi's face was terrified when the sharp blade of an automatic knife that the leader pulled out from behind her back unfolded.

"What's your name?"

"Hong Joo Mi."

"How old are you?"

" Twenty-nine."

"How long have you been married?"

"It's been a little over a year. Argh! Don't touch me!"

Hong Joo-mi screamed as the leader touched her chest with her left hand.

"Hung! Poor thing. Take it all off!"

"Ahhhh! No! No!"
With Hong Joo-mi screaming, two men ripped open their loose maternity clothes with a knife, then cut the bra's middle and shoulder straps with a knife and pulled both sides to make them naked.

She had a round face and small freckles, but she looked young for her age, not as beautiful as Mi-young, Joo-young's sister or Jisun's, but she had a cute face in a way.
However, the small height of the body was not very impressive.
The small breast was thick like a small black grape, and the belly was bulging like a baby's ponytail, and the bottom of the belly, which was revealed by pulling open with ankle cuffs, was naturally spread out, showing a lot of dirty red flesh and openness.
There were many small things not only on the face but also on the whole body, so even the ordinary skin didn't look very nice.

"Low quality!"

The leader spoke of his appreciation.

The girl named Jisun was also short and a little short, but she also had a delicious and cute breast, and her skin color was fine like a child even though she was naked and her legs were closed apart. On the other hand, Hong Ju-mi's size was similar, but her breasts and her legs were definitely lower.
Of course, there were also large, sparkling eyes, sharp nose, small red lips, etc. - a face of outstanding beauty like small pieces, skin that looked clear as white as milk, and thin body and hair that came down close to the waist, and the leader's expression, such as a small waterfall, compared the appearance of a 'special' lady with a lot of hair, and the appearance of a dog mop Hongju itself.

Compared to Mi-young and Joo-young, who are naked and tied to chairs right next to her - especially in Mi-young's case, she has been dragged a couple of times a month since she was first kidnapped and raped, and even recently, even after being "eight-tiered" several times - Hong Joo-mi was showing a much uglier and shaggy look.

"Why is she so ugly when she has a cute face?"

Asked by one of the men, the leader said, "Huh!"
"It's supposed to look different, but it looks like she's a common raggy dog mop.
It's just that the drooping flesh opens up on its own, and it's like it's opening up wide.
Have you ever had another baby before, Hong Ju-mi, a dog mop?"

While tied up, Mi-young thought, "You managed to get the nickname right!" Hong Joo-mi said in a voice mixed with anger.

"All married women do!
I have children, so please send them back!"

The leader's face became grim with a voice that made him nervous without knowing his situation.
Hong Joo-min, the leader, and others had something in common: a kind of person who knew nothing but himself and couldn't bear the small things in front of his eyes. In a way, he was a kind of trash.

The leader took the cigarette and lighter out of his arms, lit the cigarette and said,

"I can't feed you with a piece of gum like this, but raise your baby with milk!"

And before she even realized what she meant, she put a cigarette on her upper breast a little bit before she realized what she was talking about!


With Hong Joo-mi twisting and screaming, the leader, who took out the cigarette that was supporting her chest, asked in a soft voice.

"Have you ever had another child?"


The leader's hand holding the cigarette turned to the other side's chest this time.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! No! No! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

A small burn mark, commonly referred to as tobacco bread, was formed on the upper flesh of both chests of flat, poor Hong Ju-mi.
The leader spoke in a soft voice.
"You must answer quickly!"

"Yes, I see! Hugh! Hugh!"

answered Hong Ju-mi, shedding tears.

"Tell me all the guys you've been puckin'
How old were you? How many times?"

"I only have a husband!
My husband was the first one a year ago!"

When Hong Ju-mi glanced at Mi-young's side and answered, the leader put the cigarette on Hong Ju-mi's big tip.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Hong Ju-mi wriggled with pain.
As he shrieked and twisted his body like he was screaming, his stomach was moving from the inside to the inside as if he felt the baby in his stomach.

When the leader managed to get rid of the cigarette, the large knobs of the dark red-hot red-hot red-hot red began to swell red.


Hong Joo-mi shrieked and shrieked as the leader, who carried a cigarette with his left hand, grabbed and grabbed Hong Ju-mi's left tip, which was swelling with burns on his right index finger and thumb.

"Tell me all the dicks, Hong Ju-mi the dog mop!
Since you don't have a good figure, let's hear about Ppaguri!"


sobbing, Hong Ju-mi opened her mouth.

"My first senior year in college.
His name is Kim Dong Chul! I was 22 years old! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

The leader wriggled Hong Ju-mi's burned tip with his right hand.
"You're a liar every time you open your mouth!
He's much earlier than that! Blow!"

Hong Ju-mi opened her mouth with tears in her round freckles.

"When I was a sophomore in high school, I knew my brother in the church choir!
Park Sung Hyun! When I was 17 years old!
You want to stay, you miss, and you want to keep your old friendship the best, so let's talk. That part might be difficult, but I think it would be good to talk about it slowly. If you were this age, you'd say, "Hey, let's have a drink of soju! And it would be nice to talk about it after a bottle or two." Talk over a drink. And... If you don't want to do that and don't like everything, go on a trip and look at the sky and see far away. Don't think it's hard. A place with water or a mountain nearby. That's a long way to go. Oh, I'm sure you can. If I'm really worried and worried, I'll go and see... I'll do it. I would really appreciate it if you could look at what I wrote and write...

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