부산여행 "Yes, Master!"3일차 기본 카테고리

As Su-jin's hands also turned between Joo-young's legs, Joo-young felt like she was flinching for a moment, then her cheeks lit up and said with a little smile.

 "My flesh is tender, isn't it?"

 "Yes, Master!"호관원 프리미엄 가격

 "Come here, dog!"

Stop licking and Mi-young, who had been away for a while, drew close to Ju-young with a shallow sigh.
Joo-young's big pretty eyes sparkled provocatively.

 "Why? Is it bitter when a dirty mop bitch tells you what to do?"


Joo-young's right hand grabbed Mi-young's back head without mercy and pressed her face so tightly that she couldn't breathe.
Joo-young's tongue pushed deep into Mi-young's mouth.
After a while, he took off his tongue and lips, and said Joo-young with a young, cute voice and a fierce tone that didn't match his pretty face.

 "Answer with honorifics! Call me Master! Why? Can't you call those bastards masters, but the bitch who's stuck with them is masters?"

Mi-young answered in a small voice, shedding tears at Joo-young's harsh words.

 "No, Master!"호관원 가격

 "Lick me, too!"

 "Yes, Master!"

Joo-young got tangled again by kissing on Su-jin's stomach.
Mi-young leaned down and approached Ju-young's small butt.
Su-jin's fingers opened Joo-young's arms, poking her and caressing her surroundings, showed the flesh flinching.
Ju-young's fingers were caressing her, even at the bottom of Su-jin's.
Mi-young stretched her tongue out and put her tongue out between Su-jin's fingers and around Joo-young's and began to lick softly.

 "Haaah! Haah! Haah!"호관원 효과

Ju-young's breath began to get rough as if he were feeling it badly.
Juyeong's own saliva and Miyeong's saliva, which gradually flowed from the province of Juyeong, began to moisten.

 "Haaah! Strain me more! More!"

Su-jin's fingers, which were poking Joo-young's, increased from two to three, and began to move in and out more deeply.
Mi-young's tongue licking around her got faster.


Joo-young groaned and opened her teeth further, overflowing from the inside to Mi-young's face.
He seemed to feel orgasm.

 "Kiss me, model mop!"

Despite Joo-young's bad way of speaking, Su-jin gently kissed Joo-young's mouth.
Ju-young groaned and put her tongue deep into Su-jin's mouth.

 'Sorry, Joo-young! I'm so sorry I got you involved! I can't... I can't do anything for you!"

Mi-young licked Joo-young, who was gently covered with tears and silently, with her tongue.

About two weeks later, on Friday evening, three naked women were tangled together in the living room of a small rented house.

 "Suck harder, dog!"이만기광고

Ju-young got tangled with Su-jin in a six-nine position lying sideways, looked into each other, licked each other and told Mi-young.

 "Yes, Master!"

Mi-young responded obediently and then again opened her hands between Ju-young's small, soft buttocks and began to suck with her mouth on the exposed.
A 19-year-old woman with big, pretty eyes - many men would like to have her naked and mouth sucked, but Mi-young couldn't help feeling disgusted.


Feeling the movement of the vibrator stuck between her legs, Mi-young frowned slightly.
Each of Miyoung's were vibrating with a vibrator.
The dragon vibrator, which Ju-young ordered, and the dragon vibrator, which was a little thinner than the monsters that men forced into Su-jin's body in the past, were of course too small, but both were too large in size, and when Joo-young forced them to set them to maximum intensity, they were too irritated to give them a feeling of pain rather than too much irritation.

For the past two weeks, Ju-young has frequently forced Mi-young and Su-jin to take off their clothes and force lesbian acts like a small tyrant.
In particular, she used to demand sadistic acts that were more like sexual abuse than lesbian, but she was full of sorry for Joo-young's involvement, and she moved as Joo-young wanted to release the shock and hurt of her body and mind from the men's rape and abuse, and Soo-jin understood Mi-young's intentions and silently moved as Joo-young asked.

 "Stretch! Stretch!"

While Mi-young was sucking Joo-young's something out of the blue, suddenly the phone rang "Ring Ring!"
When Mi-young got up and answered the phone, she heard a ticklish voice pretending to be happy.

 "Hi, Mi-young! I'm Jumi!"

 "Hello, sister?"

이만기 호관원

 "Suddenly I'm sorry, but suddenly the groom went down to the countryside to visit a portrait of someone he knew! Can't I stay at your house only for the weekend?"

 "Sister! I'm sorry, but our rent house is small and there are three of us right now..."

 "Sorry! Sorry! Just this time! I'll see you later! Thank you so much!"


Mi-young sighed when she saw the phone she hung up on.

Hong Joo-mi - was a fellow elementary school teacher who was four years older than Mi-young.
But people who know often called Hong Ju-mi this way - "Hong Ju-mi the dog mop"!
It was due to her promiscuous private life, from time to time, mostly with married teachers, but she was always too kind and always laughed and overreacting, and she was actually always helped by this person and that person, and she was a slut who was running away when she had to do something, and decidedly lied to a big or small thing like a lie.

About a year ago, he married a stupidly born male teacher at a neighboring elementary school, and said, "Doesn't he know anyone at this school? I'm not a criminal, but she's a bad-behaved, bad-humoured kind of woman who's not a criminal, but she's got a lot of gossip all over the school, and she's been sleeping with her first-time matrimonial married teachers, and then she walks around and tells jokes, "Who's the kid?"

Of course, Mi-young - especially a very chaste and chaste young lady until a few months ago - instinctively used to feel repulsed by Hong Ju-mi, but she did not make any obvious signs of disliking her, as is often the case with well-educated, gentle and friendly women, so she often used to use Mi-young for such big and small requests.동진제약 호관원 프리미엄 가격 할인
These days, he bragged about ordering his husband to do all the housework because he was quite full, and after a few days of emptying his house at the portrait house, he must have been wearing baby hairs to get comfortable in other people's house.
Coincidentally, Hong Ju-mi, a dog mop, lived in the same neighborhood as Mi-young, setting up a newlywed home.

 Was the last time they called you two weeks ago? I usually sing it every three or four weeks, so I think this weekend will be okay, but...
But it's also too dangerous! But what can I tell you to send it back?'

Seeing Mi-young put down the phone and put on a troubled look, Joo-young called Mi-young with a bad accent that didn't match her young and cute voice.

 "What are you doing, dog? Come here quickly and keep sucking your shit!"

 "Well... Master! My co-worker wants me to stay at my house for the weekend!"

 "What? What does that mean?"

 "My husband went to the portrait house and he was left alone."

 "What nonsense, you stupid bitch!"

 'Click!' 'Click!'

Joo-young slapped Mi-young on the cheek of her sister so badly that her head turned to the right and left!

 "Bad bitch! You're trying to avoid me playing with it, aren't you?"

Chu-young asked, holding Mi-young's back hair so painful that tears came out.

 "Ah! No, Master!"

Joo-young's lips approached and stuck to her sister's lips, pushing her tongue inside roughly deep.
At the same time, Joo-young's right hand came between her sister's legs and pushed three fingers into her at once!


 "All right, bitch?"

With his fingers moving roughly, Ju-young asked.

 "Yes, Master!"

Fingers were inserted into the relatively easy because they were just hitting a big vibrator, but Mi-young replied, feeling pain from the rough movement.

 "I'll kick her out! You stay still!"

After a while, Joo-young was dressed with a look of frustration, but when a small pregnant woman, full of stomachs, entered the gate with a couple of suitcases, she was surprised and could not say anything.

 "Oh, my stomach! Oops!"

She put a couple of suitcases down on the front door and took Mi-young's suitcases as usual.

 "I'm so sorry to barge in all of a sudden! My family's in the countryside, and this is the only place I can come... thank you so much!
How are you? I'm sorry all of a sudden! I'll be here tomorrow and the day after tomorrow until the groom comes!"

Young Ju-young could not hide her bitter look as if she was chewing on a bug, but she could not tell a full woman to go out.
Su-jin picked up the suitcases lightly and took them home.

The next evening, Saturday, Miyoung went to the local supermarket and bought some vegetables and cold food for dinner and came back home.


Clearly the locked and out gate was open.
And the luxury car parked in front of another house a little further away must be...!
When Mi-young entered the house with a throbbing heart and opened the front door, a man covered Mi-young's mouth and put a knife in it.
He was definitely one of those guys!

 "Save me! Miyoung! Give me all the money you have! Get these guys out of here!

You want to stay, you miss, and you want to keep your old friendship the best, so let's talk. That part might be difficult, but I think it would be good to talk about it slowly. If you were this age, you'd say, "Hey, let's have a drink of soju! And it would be nice to talk about it after a bottle or two." Talk over a drink. And... If you don't want to do that and don't like everything, go on a trip and look at the sky and see far away. Don't think it's hard. A place with water or a mountain nearby. That's a long way to go. Oh, I'm sure you can. If I'm really worried and worried, I'll go and see... I'll do it. I would really appreciate it if you could look at what I wrote and write...

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